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The Restaurant

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The Boxcar Restaurant & Lounge                      

The Boxcar is our upscale restaurant on site with an Award Winning Chef. In addition, we offer a full-service bar and lounge with late night hours and live music weekly.



The hotel was built in 1965 by the original owner J.E Weston and was named after said party. Westons hotel was known for catering to the Northern Railroad company providing food and lodging over the years.
There is also nightlife that’s included on the property that has live bands, a DJ and a LED dance floor. The hotel is a proud member of the local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations that provide help to the local community as far as events, parties in bringing the community together.

Rich Inn Hotels has taken on this property bringing so many new events, ideas and help to the local community as well as travelers.
Rich Inn Hotels is pet friendly, family oriented and provide customer service and has a staff that really do go above and beyond.


Hotel Gallery

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